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Molar Bear Candles

Cashmere Plum

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You can now enjoy the same fragrant ambiance to your space without worrying about an open flame! Wax melts make the perfect alternative to candles. Soy wax melts carry a high fragrance load and burn relatively slower. Wax melts are to be used with your wax warmer (sold separately).

Experience cozy vibes all year long with the perfect blend of warm fruity scent. The scent opens with a bright citrus followed by a touch of black cherry. The richness of dark plum adds depth to this fruity opening notes. The amber and vanilla base adds the perfect sweetness that perfectly binds the warm and fruity notes.  

2.5 ounces, 6 Cubes per pack

Add one or two cubes to your warmer to enjoy hours of your favorite fragrance!