Custom Orders

Create the perfect candle for any occasion through different containers, fragrance oils or a combination of both. Custom and personalized candles make the perfect gift and party favors. Custom bulk candle orders are perfect for weddings, baby showers/ gender reveal, company events and other events that call for a celebration.

Bulk order prices to be determined.

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Thoughtfully Sourced

Molar Bear Candles uses only the finest, most environmentally-friendly ingredients. We use coconut wax for our candles and soy wax for our wax melts. Coconut wax is a new and promising wax type that gives off a phenomenal scent throw. Due to the soft nature of coconut wax, it is ideal to be used as a container wax. Soy wax is a lot harder than coconut wax which makes it the wax of choice for wax melts. Nevertheless, both wax types are considered superior and more clean-burning than store-bought paraffin-based candles. Both waxes are thoughtfully sourced to give you a clean burn without having to worry about releasing harmful chemicals into the air. Similarly, we only use fragrance oils that are formulated to be phthalate-free. Our handpicked ingredients ensure a clean-burning candle with the maximum fragrance release.


Our Story

A hobby turned passion project, a craft I continue to master- Molar Bear Candles is exactly that. As a dental student, I find myself constantly needing an avenue to channel my creativity and re-focus my energy. Candlemaking has provided not only a creative outlet, but also a therapeutic distraction especially during these difficult times. I am a firm believer of the saying, "To Take Care of Others, Start by Taking Care of Yourself". Our handcrafted products is a result of choosing to do exactly that- take care of yourself, find something you like and pursue it to the fullest extent.

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